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Men and skirts. I meen, I can put on a skirt. Why am I left out? I have inner rage of women being prideful of skirts. 
Men are so looked down upon in America I can't stand it. I feel rage when women don't care about guys. I hate feminism! I definently will have my say on a feminist woman. I have skirts in my bedroom. I really enjoy denim short shorts. Since it is winter and I am looking older, I am worried of just wearing my denim short shorts more and more. My hair is short, I have a job. I am preaty broke, but those so called womens watches that are silicone and are preaty colors look like watches I would like having. I will buy one someday, and I am a guy. I got a denim skirt that has a front split. I will sew it shut. The waist band is near perfectly fitting. 

Where is my place and how am I supposed to go about hate toward males and it is observed with women wearing pants while I like skirts. Stupid society.
I understand women like pants and wear a skirt sometimes, but I have been wearing baggy shorts. A loose skirt suits me really well and other males in loose pants and shorts.
Why do women switch from tight pants to roomy skirts, when men wear loose pants and shorts but no loose skirt is allowed ? And I have a fetish of denim and I know that polyester denim is in garments made for women, wellll I would wear polyester blend denim shorts outside anytime. Just wondering what my protest will be when I decide to wear a denim skirt outside to a public place. I love wearing vertical liney polyester spandex denim pants and shorts. Also spandex denim short shorts. A denim skirt would be nice, buuuuuuut I'm a MALE and people would be hatein. I also have denim shortalls and overalls. Societys men limit themselves so much, I am also a bit afraid to wear shortalls, they are only womens but are really considered unisex.
The fashion industry needs a punch in the face from men!

I guess the fashion for men is "o.K" and bearable but sometimes women really get me all jealous and then I feel like I have no authority and fun seeps out of my life because I don't deserve it.

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